Exemplar Skills Test for Recruitment Agent

The online Exemplar Skills Test provides you with a skills snap-shot highlighting areas that require your attention.

In the Recruitment process it is difficult if not impossible to gauge whether a person’s skills are right for the position

For a non-financial person, the decision making is even harder More objective than a reference check
•Faster than on-site personality profiling
•Gives confidence in final decision
•Identify the gap between the available skills and the skills required for the position
•Unique point of difference in the market-place
•Tests for practical ability, not theory
•Poor skill levels in accounting can have a devastating impact on a company


  • On-line response within an hour
  • Detailed response within 24 hours
  • Testing can be undertaken in the privacy of the candidates home
  • Test existing and new director or whole board to identify skills gaps
  • Test for numeracy, communications & spelling
  • Objective test that does not rely on the “old boys network”
  • Directors performance review tool
  • Not a pass or fail test