Exemplar Skills Test for Directors & Senior Executives Role

The online Exemplar Skills Test provides you with a skills snap-shot highlighting areas that require your attention.

Why Test the Board?

Executive Recruitment

  • Make the recruitment process easier, faster and cheaper

Tailored Training

  • Directors from the same company can be trained as part of a group targeting specific needs
  • Test before and after a training program to see the improvement

One-on-one training / mentoring

  • Identifies Strengths & Weaknesses

Upskill existing staff

  • Can be used to hold on to existing staff rather than employing a new staff member

Topics Covered

17 key result areas with % scores for each topic

Some topics include:

  • Corporate Governance
  • Financial Literacy
  • Risk Management

Not a pass or fail type of test

No need to be scared of doing the test… it forms the basis for one-on-one discussion with the Chairman

Choose your required Exemplar Skills Test for Directors & Senior Executives Role


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Skill test for Senior Executive

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Skill test for CFO


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