Exemplar Skills Tests include:

  • Online skills test for 1 hour
  • Monitored by our staff
  • No calculators allowed
  • 100 points identification of the candidate checked


Optional Extras – Available on request:

Exemplar Financial literacy test                                  1 hour

Exemplar Communication & Spelling Test                 15 minutes


Exemplar Skills Test – Accounting Personnel

Our practical online Skills Testing product is not a pass or fail type of test. It can be used for training purposes and future career development.


Exemplar Skills Test – Senior Executives & Directors

Corporate Governance, Financial Literacy and other selected topics for testing can be tailored to your needs. Our range of online skills tests can be analysed into 17 key result areas that highlights their strengths and weaknesses. Focused training programs will assist the development and elimination of the weaknesses of these key executives.  It is imperative that senior personnel can read a Balance Sheet without feeling embarrassed to ask key questions about the business performance.  Profit & Loss, Management Reports and KPIs are also covered.